Treatment and recovery in anorexia nervosa…

Part 4 – Aoife Ryan completes her look into anorexia… 

Anorexia is a serious disorder and should not be left untreated. Both the physical and the psychological issues that come with anorexia should be assessed and monitored by a professional. Treatment will vary according to the individual and the severity of the disorder.

Some people who have recovered from anorexia may become “orthorexic”. Orthorexia is viewed as an escape from anorexia while keeping still having food control. Typically, the person will no longer be severely underweight, but may be addicted to healthy eating plans and exclude major food groups from their diet. It is important to watch out for this as relapse is always possible.

The prospect of recovery can be frightening and is it normal for someone to resist treatment at first.

A GP should be seen first, to assess and monitor physical aspects of the disorder. Psychotherapy can also be very helpful in addressing any psychological issues underlying. Finally, seeing a dietitian for nutritional counselling can increase a person’s understanding of how their diet and eating patterns are affecting them physically.

A full recovery from anorexia may take time, but it is possible with the right support and determination.