Tips on how to lower your blood pressure…

What is blood pressure?

Your heart is a muscular pump that pumps blood around the body. Everyone has blood pressure. The pressure is created by the hearts constant pumping blood around the body and the size of the blood vessels which the blood has to pass through. Exercise, excitement, anxiety, stress or anger will all make the heart beat faster and temporarily increase your blood pressure.

Who gets high blood pressure?

There are many elements that can contribute to high blood pressure and 1 in seven people will have high blood pressure at some time. The causes include:
Being overweight
High alcohol consumption
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
Side effects of certain drugs and diseases

How to reduce the risk of high blood pressure

Watch your weight. Keeping weight down keeps blood pressure down
Limiting alcohol intake. Alcohol can increase your blood pressure and contains many calories.
Avoid using salt
Regular exercise helps to relieve stress and keep your blood pressure normal
Avoid smoking
Avoiding situations of stress, anxiety or anger.