Corporate Nutrition & Calorie Coding

We provide a range of nutrition consultancy services to the corporate market.  These services are often tailor made to suit client requirements and can range from once off product assessment to staff presentations.  A sample of the type of corporate services provided to date may be summarised as follows:-

 Staff Focused:
  • Health & wellbeing presentations to empower employees
  • Helping an organisation develop “in house” nutrition initiatives
  • Provision of off campus “dietetic surgery” for corporate staff on a one on one basis or as a group.
 Catering Focused:
  • Menu Coding
  • Calorie and nutritional breakdown of menus
  • Menu planning
 Product Focused:
  • Provision of product S.W.O.T. analysis from a nutritional perspective
  • Provision and assessment of research into food trends and likely future developments and their impact on your product
  • Assist with product development.
 Public Relations Focused:
  • Nutritional technical support to assist behind the scenes with PR campaign.
  • ‘Front of house’ media support including TV and radio interviews as well as editorial coverage.