Staff Nutrition

  • Health & Wellbeing presentations to empower employees
  • Helping an organisation develop “in house” nutrition initiatives
  • On-site “dietetic surgery” for individual staff or group basis

Product Nutrition

  • Product S.W.O.T. analysis from a nutritional perspective
  • Provision and assessment of research into food trends and likely future developments and their impact on your product
  • Product development.


 Catering Focused:
  • Menu Coding
  • Calorie and nutritional breakdown of menus
  • Menu planning


We provide a range of nutrition consultancy services to the corporate market.  These services are often tailor made to suit client requirements and can range from once off product assessment to staff presentations. 


An initial consultation will take up to one hour and includes a complete nutritional assessment, body composition analysis, full diet history assessment, and a tailored diet for you. Follow-up visits will focus on maintenance and monitoring your progress.